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The Anders Lassen Foundation is a non-profit foundation, which is under patronage by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince. The foundation is named after one of Denmark’s top decorated soldiers in the allied forces, Mr Anders Lassen, who posthumously was assigned the Victoria Cross after his death between the 8 th and 9 th of April 1945.



The Anders Lassen Foundation is a non-profit foundation. In order to preserve the non-profit foundation, the Anders Lassen Foundation must receive donations. 


Anders Frederik Emil Victor Schau Lassen was born on September 22, 1920, at Hoevdinggaard’s mansion located at South Zealand. His father was landowner Emil Victor Schau Lassen and his mother, Suzanne Maria Signe Raben-Levetzau. Later on, his parents had two more children; Frantz Axel Lassen in 1922 and Bente Lassen in 1932. It was a family with great patriotism as Anders Lassen’s great-grandfather on his father’s side, and his brother, died in the battle at Dybboel in 1864. And two of the great-

grandfather’s other brothers died in the three-year war in 1848-1850. In fact, all the brothers related to the great-grandfather died during this period; either in war or because of typhoid.

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